Deep Healing Therapeutic Massage - Deep Tissue - Hudson, MA
Deep Healing Therapeutic Massage - Relax, Reconnect, Renew, and Re-energize
Do you have limited range of motion? Chronic pain that a Deep Swedish massage just doesn't address? The following modality involves techniques to address such issues where you can experience an decrease in pain and increase in your range of motion:

*DEEP TISSUE  (click on title to make a purchase)

Deep Tissue is a treatment that addresses the issues of chronic pain and tension at the deeper levels of the muscle. It is a technique the uses strokes similar to those for Deep Swedish to help warm up the tissue making the deeper layers of muscles more easily accessible and with an established open and honest level of communication between the client and the therapist, the areas of tension are addressed using treatments such as trigger point therapy, cross fiber frictioning, fascial line and breath work are used with a depth and pressure that is agreeable to the client to help heal the tissue.

Office treatments 
$45 per 30 minutes / $65 per 60 minutes / $95 per 90 minutes


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