Deep Healing Therapeutic Massage - Myofacial Release Massage - Hudson, MA
Deep Healing Therapeutic Massage - Relax, Reconnect, Renew, and Re-energize
Do you have limited range of motion? Chronic pain that a Deep Swedish massage just doesn't address? The following modality involves techniques to address such issues where you can experience an decrease in pain and increase in your range of motion:

*MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (click on title to make a purchase)
Myofascial is the  layer of loose but strong connective tissue that wraps around individual muscles and bundles groups of them together as well as help to hold the various organs like your stomach and your heart in place. Whenever we experience trauma, the connective tissue can get stuck and kink up  like plastic wrap inhibiting ones' range of motion and causing pain. The key to myofascial release is to warm up the tissue with a slow, but very methodic pressure to "unkink" this tissue and realign it with the correct direction of the muscle fibers resulting in increase circulation, range of motion and a decrease in pain and discomfort.

Office treatments 
$45 per 30 minutes / $65 per 60 minutes / $95 per 90 minutes


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