Deep Healing Therapeutic Massage - Sports Massage - Hudson, MA
Deep Healing Therapeutic Massage - Relax, Reconnect, Renew, and Re-energize
Do you have limited range of motion? Chronic pain that a Deep Swedish massage just doesn't address? The following modality involves techniques to address such issues where you can experience an decrease in pain and increase in your range of motion:

*SPORTS MASSAGE  (click on title to make a purchase)
(treats not just the athletically inclined but anyone who is suffering from chronic pain due to repetitive use activities like typing, gardening, playing the guitar or doing carpentry work)
Sports massage is primarily focused on a group of muscles that is affected by repetitive use. Several techniques are used to facilitate healing in the particular group worked on such as Myofascial release, Deep Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu are combined with passive range of motion and active range of motion to help soften the tissue and allow access to the point of chronic pain and or tension where more work is done to help resolve the pain and tension.

Office treatments 
$45 per 30 minutes / $65 per 60 minutes / $95 per 90 minutes

Sports Massage is good for activities that are done repetitively like running, dancing, playing baseball, etc. This treatment addresses treating regions of the body most commonly stressed with particular athletic activity. I use a variety of modalities to treat these regions to warm, soften, and prepare the various layers for deeper work. The benefits of Sports Massage are:

*maintaining the body in better physical condition
*preventing injuries and loss of mobility in potential trouble spots
*boosting athletic performance and endurance
*curing and restoring mobility to injured muscle tissue
*extending the good health and overall life of an athlete's career

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