Deep Healing Therapeutic Massage - TESTIMONIALS - Hudson, MA
Deep Healing Therapeutic Massage - Relax, Reconnect, Renew, and Re-energize

Lynn, you made me feel very comfortable and welcome. As a marathoner, you are teaching me the importance of massage for preparing and healing tight and damaged muscles pre and post race. Your deep massage techniques and helpful advice are priceless.
~D. King

"You work magic! This is the first time I have  been able to rotate my shoulder since I had the car accident several years ago." 

Lisa Osgood

"You have the magic touch! I always feel great after your treatments, Lynn! Thanks so much!"

--P. Davis

Receiving a massage from Lynn was such a healing and refreshing experience.  I felt well taken cared of and spoiled.  Lynn's touch was the right combination of gentle and deep.  She somehow sensed the intensity level I needed for different body parts. I did not want it to end...  It was so pleasurable and so deeply relaxing.  As she was massaging me I was asking myself why, given that this is probably the most enjoyable experience I had in the last year, why do I wait so long to schedule another appointment.  I asked her to see me again in a couple of weeks. It was well worth the drive for me. I felt like a new woman after the session.

--Nita Amanda Oz

"Receiving a massage from Lynn Davis is a wonderful, healing experience.  She has an intuitive approach to finding and fixing problem areas that is quite amazing! I felt better and more relaxed than I had after any other massage.  In fact, what am I doing just writing this?!  I need to see her again!"

--Jeanie Furlan

Hello Lynn,
I've been meaning to send you this message ALL DAY...because I feel SO Much Better!  (Haha, that is also one of the songs in the show..)  All the neck pain  and especially all the discomfort around my left shoulder, is ALL GONE!  Yippee - I even played better in chorus today.  Let's see if I play the score better tomorrow.
But whatever I play, I DO know that your magic is MARvelous and I really am grateful for your help.  Whew!  And that you had time for me yesterday.  Yeah!
Thank you, dear one!  See you next week!
Your relieved & regenerated friend,
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